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Ensemble Pearl

When you chuck Stephen O’Malley from SunnO))) and Atsuo from Boris into a sonic blender with Michio Kurihara and Bill Herzog you get this thickshake of a supergroup. Although it’s made up of some of the more thrashin’, heavy-duty drone-wizards on the globe today, the sound is more subdued than you might assume. Having Atsuo up in the mix helps keep O’Malley’s drones churning, probably making this as accessible an album as the pair are likely to produce – it’s almost light and fluffy at times with that air of foreboding you get with Sunn always seeming far off. Their self-titled dropped on Drag City just recently, and you can grip it digitally for $9.99 US over there (or for 2 bucks extra if you want flac, you dweeb). It’s also on vinyl, cd etc etc.

Have a listen to one of these and preview the rest over at Drag City.
Ensemble Pearl – Giant