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Immixture is a reworking of Auckland based Mean Girls’ self-titled EP which cropped up on Bandcamp last last year. I had an infatuation with the EP when it released but due to being a big dork I didn’t cover it on this website (here’s a hint: it’s real mean). When I saw Mean Girls play at Chronophonium I felt a wee bit of genuine terror seeing singer/bassist Zac Arnold transform from a mild-mannered young man into a glistening, snarling She-Hulk in front of me. Drumsman Martin Selma holds down a surgically sharp beat with enough force to keep trim the fat off the noise and keep things breathing. If you get a chance to check them out live, do try it. It’s a bit like Butthole Surfers by way of Clockcleaner and that’s okay with me.

Immixture hands the guts of Mean Girls over to 5 remix artists to (in the bands own words): take the basic song elements into directions that Mean Girls would not be able to make themselves, expanding the short aggresive tunes into expansive, oddball soundscapes. Okay, the 2nd half is 8bit reworking, something that should never be tolerated, but I’m stoked on this enough to ignore it (or put it on when playing Hotline Miami).


For the uninitiated: The Audio Foundation (based in the old Parisian Tie Factory down behind K Road) put on shows and enable musicians from left-field to get their freak on in front of an audience in Auckland. They’ve had acts like Somme, Mark McGuire and Nigel Wright playing in that humid little space – it’s a gem. They’ve launched a low-power FM radiostation that’s streaming online. From their own guff:

AFM features fortnightly specialist shows presented by local DJs every Sunday and Monday evenings (NZ time) and broadcasts the amazing Audio Foundation MP3 library of NZ independent & adventurous music and sound between those periods. AFM endeavours to promote and explore high quality, distinctive visions in sound from both New Zealand and beyond – please feel free to join us!

You can listen to it here and read more here. It’s a low-power FM station, so you can tune in with a radio 88.3 if you’re in a 50m radius of Poynton Terrace. Like Fleet FM, but with less psychobilin drooled onto the microphone (at least so far?)

(I admit, I saw this news on the front page of the Harbour News, a goddamn old fashioned newspaper. It had a cute little description of noise music as well as a great picture of Chris Cudby in studio).

The oh-so-mysterious Perfect Hair Forever, named after the Adult Swim show, plunks 60s mega-hunk pop in the vein of Frankie Valli amidst the current cauldron of surf revivalist fuzz. SPIT on your GRAVE (demo) sounds like some chill garage rock recorded by Timmy O’Toole, stuck down the well. That sounds like it has the ability to be exceedingly annoying, but it’s mostly not the case.

There’s a wealth of songs on PHF’s bandcamp. As suggested on that site, book the guy in for your next sweet 16th party. It will probably be a smash.

Perfect hair forever – SPIT on your GRAVE (demo)