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For the uninitiated: The Audio Foundation (based in the old Parisian Tie Factory down behind K Road) put on shows and enable musicians from left-field to get their freak on in front of an audience in Auckland. They’ve had acts like Somme, Mark McGuire and Nigel Wright playing in that humid little space – it’s a gem. They’ve launched a low-power FM radiostation that’s streaming online. From their own guff:

AFM features fortnightly specialist shows presented by local DJs every Sunday and Monday evenings (NZ time) and broadcasts the amazing Audio Foundation MP3 library of NZ independent & adventurous music and sound between those periods. AFM endeavours to promote and explore high quality, distinctive visions in sound from both New Zealand and beyond – please feel free to join us!

You can listen to it here and read more here. It’s a low-power FM station, so you can tune in with a radio 88.3 if you’re in a 50m radius of Poynton Terrace. Like Fleet FM, but with less psychobilin drooled onto the microphone (at least so far?)

(I admit, I saw this news on the front page of the Harbour News, a goddamn old fashioned newspaper. It had a cute little description of noise music as well as a great picture of Chris Cudby in studio).