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Oooh ahhh I love a good festy. Why settle for seeing The Foo Fighters, The National and The Living End for a 40th time, though? If you’re in Auckland City this December, go take a peek at Zac Arnold’s NZ PSYCH FEST. It’s on December 4th-5th at Golden Dawn and Whammy. Grip some tickets here. It’s only $15 pre-sales, come on!

Here’s a royal sampler of the bands.

More like ‘good energy’. I’m a writer.

Love it when bands get stuck in to the singing.

This band evokes the smell of Whammy Bar when it’s been raining and everyone is all wet, in a good way?

Whoa, this is lovely. The name put me off initially because I’m a reactive snob, but this is some floaty good times shit!

This is a pretty huckery Youtube clip, but hey here we are. Swampy and evil enough to warrant the name ‘Evil Ocean’, ticks the boxes.

“This song is 7 mins+”. Listen, I don’t have all day mate. Normally, that’s how it goes. In this case, it’s right up my alley. Low and slow psych that’s juuust on the right side of a bongwater infused mudslide into prog.

This sounds like a band I saw at Edens when I had sideburns and a nylon ice hockey jersey on for clothes. Mean!

Warm bassy synth with some cool bastard playing the guitar over the top – quite good. Plus Supreme Commander is a cool game, so points by association too.

I can’t find NIISA online… Fuck! Ah well, you better go to the show I suppose.

Sounds a bit like a band from Dunedin. Here’s the twist – this band is from Dunedin. Seems scary! The rest of their bandcamp material is a bit different, I’m soaking in it at the moment.

I could definitely enjoy this dance music with a big bot of Bushmans.

I can’t find SERE’s music for free online… Pretty sure it’s made up of at least 2 dudes I would call “mate” if I saw them on K’Road though, so it’s bound 2 rule. Opened for ICEAGE, I’m told.

Much like NIISA, I can’t find Ssleff online… Fuck! Ah well, you better go to the show I suppose (x2)!

Holy crap, this is a toe-tapper in the vein of “all the music I listened to when I was 22”. It’s a little bit of everything good in the universe. I’ve had a coffee.

This band’s Soundcloud page says enough for me to be into them – “A couple of grubs making jams in the lounge”.

PLinky-plonky synth spooker from the dude from Proton Beast. Imagine coming down the Whammy stairs and hearing this crank up. You’d have a smile on your dial in no time.

I’ve never heard this song but I’m mouthing the words kind of quietly in a large crowd of people. Sorcery.

Now we’re talkin!

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