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Here’s my year end list (of 3 songs, because ehh). It’s like all the other music websites in that I’ve already written *way* too much about the list itself.

Temple Songs are Mancs. If if you ain’t a Manc, you’re a wank. This song is wonky, on the piss. The whole thing reminds me of The Intelligence, which is a major win in my book. You can grip their wares at Bandcamp.

Telegram – Follow – These trendy looking wallies from London (although surely Welsh as fuck) dropped a motorik jammer called Follow in November. While it has some chunky drums and a potent wah-laden finale, I think the best part about the whole shebang is the vocals, they’re so chirpy it’s like listening to sparrow fall into a pipe organ.

Surf City made a pretty mean record in 2013 – We Knew It Was Going To Be Like This. Bit of a mouthful. Opening track It’s a Common Life is catchy as shit albeit in a different way than Kudos which came out ages ago. You can get the album from the normal places and from Fire Records.

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