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Immixture is a reworking of Auckland based Mean Girls’ self-titled EP which cropped up on Bandcamp last last year. I had an infatuation with the EP when it released but due to being a big dork I didn’t cover it on this website (here’s a hint: it’s real mean). When I saw Mean Girls play at Chronophonium I felt a wee bit of genuine terror seeing singer/bassist Zac Arnold transform from a mild-mannered young man into a glistening, snarling She-Hulk in front of me. Drumsman Martin Selma holds down a surgically sharp beat with enough force to keep trim the fat off the noise and keep things breathing. If you get a chance to check them out live, do try it. It’s a bit like Butthole Surfers by way of Clockcleaner and that’s okay with me.

Immixture hands the guts of Mean Girls over to 5 remix artists to (in the bands own words): take the basic song elements into directions that Mean Girls would not be able to make themselves, expanding the short aggresive tunes into expansive, oddball soundscapes. Okay, the 2nd half is 8bit reworking, something that should never be tolerated, but I’m stoked on this enough to ignore it (or put it on when playing Hotline Miami).

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