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Sacred Bones make the best looking record jackets

Being a big fan of Psychic Ills, I jumped on this new record as soon as humanly possible (which, to be fair, was basically instant thanks to our friend John Internet). I’m a t-shirt wearing multi-format owning Psychic Ills devotee, which is pretty out of the ordinary for a band I knew so little about. Most of the attraction came from the song Mind Daze, off their debut on Sacred Bones Records – 2011’s Hazed Dream.

One Track Mind differs from its predecessor by diverging ever-further from the bands noisy beginnings, landing at times in country-jamband territory. Tracks like the attached I get by hark back to earlier efforts, while the top order seem pretty content to keep things a little more subdued and low key. Either way, One Track Mind is a solid record and worth having a go on. You can grip it direct from the label here, and it’s on all the big names (including Spotify).

Psychic Ills – I Get By

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