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Whoa, way hey! I was om the fence about going to see Neil Young and Crazy Horse late nek week. Seeing him at the Big Day Out was a pretty big deal a few years ago, I figured that was my peak in both interest in Shakey and likelihood of seeing him perform any better… I couldn’t throw a large chunk of change down just to oogle Old Black one more time – even if recent reports of Crazy Horse shows are of jam circles, backs turned to the crowd Grandpas generating 12 longgg songs in 2 and a half hours…

Tipping point came with the announcement of Melbourne band The Drones as support. They’ve not come across the ditch before for myriad baffling reasons too inane and cloaked in my laziness to go into (newsflash: probably money?).. But here we are. Fully stoked.

The Drones – Shark Fin Blues
The Drones – Locust

Grip a ticket over here – there’s still some cheap ones left. Hear more of The Drones here.

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