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I may be a bit late on this but fuck it: Get on the Goat.

These Swedes are getting a fair bit of attention of late. Possibly largely due to their spurious claim to have existed for generations in little known, Voodoo curse haunted, backwaters village Korpolombolo.

Put that press release carry-on aside and this could still be one of the best new records you’ll hear this year. Imagine space rock in the vein of some scorching White Hills, filtered through Fela Kuti, filtered through mystic Swedish hipsters. Also imagine an obligatory Can influence. If that’s not working, put your imagination aside also and have a listen:

World Music is out on Rocket Recordings (home of Gnod and UFOmammut). I have no idea if it’s possible to purchase directly from them (maybe I suck at the Internet). Why not try the good English chaps at Norman Records.

Just re-pressed. Get to it.

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