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Holy hol.. This is summer is shaping up to be one of the finest in (my) living memory. While we’re bombarded by people whining about the Big Day Out being “a bloody joke mate” and the regular New Year’s Eve tramp-stamp mephedrone flip-flop festivals, just below the surface are heaps of class-A shows, mostly all cheap or free and happening all about. This is my earliest formed up attempt at previewing a few of them. Wahoo.

Mark McGuire of Emeralds is coming. The guy gets toasted on the blogfires with long words like ‘transcendental’ and ‘crystaline superstructures’, mostly due to his guitar work with the band Emeralds. The NZ tour is happening TONIGHT, starting at The Audio Foundation (in the old Parisian Tie Factory) from 8pm. McGuire is also slicing off chewy pieces of psychedellic brain-wad in Wellington and Dunedin. Check some tickets here.

Sun Araw has been a mentioned here in the past – and not just because of the dude’s ability to continually release mind-bending jammers. His live show here in 2010 was something out-of-this-world, the kind of sonic density and laissez-faire showmanship we don’t often get exposed to. Lethal doses. I bought a ticket to this show the day it was announced (here) with the knowledge in mind that I’d be on a different island due to a wedding. I’m seafaring for this show, make sure you don’t sleep on it.


Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – OK, so Ariel Pink is a heavy hitter on the main scene these days. Along with band Haunted Graffiti, he took out P4Ks song of the year and toured the globe on the strength of Before Today.., ending up playing in the middle of the afternoon at Laneway early last year. This time around he’s not playing at a big festival, but a much more suitable indoor, night-time show. Chur Crawley, will be a treat.

(This post missed out Laneway, Thee Oh Sees and a couple of other good ones because I wrote it in November and slept on it. Sorry!)

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