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I’ve got three records for you, one from last year (Marcberg), one from a month or two back (Relax) and one from a few days ago (Audio, Video, Disco). All of them hard hitters, but for different reasons.

Roc Marciano – Marcberg

Named after a Mossberg for a good reason – this is true hardcore stuff and blows a big hole through any easy Wu comparisons. Soul samples, endless one-liners and gunplay everywhere but with a streamlined, later-in-the-game feel. Some of the best pimping-related segues I’ve heard on a rap record as well. Very highly recommended.

Roc Marciano – Pop

Justice – Audio, Video, Disco

Justice put out a new record! A guitar record! Like Cross, it feels a million miles high, but this time it’s raining down classic rock hooks and Strawberry Letter 23 arpeggios without pause. They must have taken meeting Anthony Kiedis to heart because there’s a song listing U.S. states. Listen to this one in a low-rider, but dressed like And Justice For All-era Metallica.

Justice – On’n’on

Das Racist – Relax

Heems does his one serious verse ever on the first song of Relax, so you know Das Racist mean business on their first record you have to pay for. And goddamn, there’s some beats on this record. It’s impossible to critique Das Racist’s rapping, but their lyrics continue to flip between truth bombs on race and completely taking the piss. More dance songs on this record! Excellent!

Das Racist – Brand New Dance by ROACHES


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