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Finding Guardian Alien from the bottom of the South Pacific Ocean was a lot easier than one might assume. The band driven on drums by Greg Fox (Liturgy, Teeth Mountain) are custom built to reach out over long ranges and pull in interested parties. The group play loose mind-bending jams, the kind that skim the top of space-warping machinery I can’t understand with my primitive, ape-like brain. Dealing in making first contact in a form that aliens might want to reply to, the noise they generate will stir something up in anyone who gives them a listen.

Described on their page as an ‘invisible band of spacetime travelers from the morgenheutegesternwelt via brooklyn and queens NYC’, you get the feeling that the Amon Düül II influenced psyche only plays a part in what seems like a bunch of chums having a bit of a laugh. The high-spirited ‘APRIL FOOL$’ that you can listen to below begins fairly ominously, but opens up into a third-eye-opening astral burst. That’s a thing, surely? Anyway..

Guardian Alien have their first 12″ LP coming out next week (23rd Sept) on SWILL CHILDREN (run by the modern polymath Jesse Hlebo). Pretty sure you can order a copy here. Here’s hoping the dudes get a digital release sorted out as well.

The attached mp3 was found at the FreeMusicArchive and offers a glimpse into what kind of enlightenment awaits at their record release.

Guardian Alien – APRIL FOOL$

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