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W-H-I-T-E is the project of Californian musician Cory Thomas Hanson. His music walks a line somewhere between cheery-ethereal pop and realm-bendingly spooky, minimalist racket. W-H-I-T-E’s album (Twin Tigers on Swill Children) came out earlier this year and has been worn smooth in my ipod due to heavy rotation. You can nab the record here – it’s well worth a play on bandcamp even if you are going to cheap-out on buying the thing.

The video posted above is for Fountain. If you dig on Angel from Buffy when he gets all riled up, coating topless men in purple goo and being weirded out (in a non-threatening kind of way), then this video will appeal to you. Directed by Michael Ray-Von and Vinny Tenderoni and shot around LA somewhere, Hanson describes the video as “the possibility of a homo-erotic cult of men in jean cut offs who worship a ‘Cory Thomas Hanson’ from another dimension with Buffy the Vampire Slayer makeup on, and pour purple lotion all over him and make out and eat vitamins.” [via seancarnage.com]

Cool man.

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