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Nigel Wright - Mossopolis 7"

Nigel Wright - Mossopolis 7", cover by Sophie Oiseau

Nigel Wright is an Auckland-based musician who makes complex, layered drone. In one breath his music is both heavy and haunted, the perfect sound to accompany the oncoming wet season in New Zealand. If I’d figured out how to add tags to Michael Music Blog yet, I’d go along the lines of ‘soundscapey’, ‘drone’, and ‘cool’.

His new EP ‘Mossopolis’ is listed as being released on May 10th, but I wasn’t able to find the physical copy for sale on Bandcamp, although there are 2 tracks and a host of other material if you’re into it.

Wright is playing a live-to-air on Auckland’s best deeply-stoned-luna-raga themed radio show, Psychic Glands tonight at 11pm. You can pick a stream here.

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